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Mini Bread Loaf Pans – Set of 4

  • Bake like a professional in your home kitchen with our mini loaf pans
  • Aluminized steel bakeware is the choice of commercial bakeries for its even heat distribution, and durability
  • Bake various personal-sized quick breads and more; either for your family and friends to enjoy or even to give out as gifts
  • Made in the USA
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Our mini bread loaf pans are smaller versions of the bread pans that are used in the commercial baking world. Instead of only getting one bread pan though we offer these baking pans in a set of 4 individually wrapped. These baking pans will give you the freedom of making various styles of mini loaves of quick breads, mini cakes, yeast breads, and more all within an individual mini loaf pan, so you can create four different recipes at a time. This bakeware is crafted from heavy-duty aluminized steel which is not only exceptionally durable but also conducts heat so well that you will be pumping out bread or other recipes nonstop. These pans are perfect if you’re making various personal sized quicks breads for the family or friends. Our mini bread loaf pans are also fantastic gift ideas, especially if paired with delicious bread or treat.

Item Number: 1153LF-1Baking Surface Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.125 x 2.25 inches per loaf Material: Aluminized Steel

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