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Mini Bread Loaf Pan – 8 Loaves

  • Bake individual sized loaves, casseroles, and frozen treats with this 8 cavity bakeware
  • Perfect for gifts, parties, and more, our mini loaf pan is surprisingly versatile
  • Heavy duty, professional grade construction is made to exacting standards
  • Nonstick, proprietary coating sets the standard for commercial bakeware
  • Made in the USA
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Look to our Mini Bread Loaf Pan to create 8 mini loaf treats for school bake sales, holiday gifts, fundraisers, or just for fun. Each cavity creates about a 2in x 4in x 1in rectangle of culinary pleasure. Makes mini cakes, muffins, or breads. Or adjust a recipe for single serve meals like lasagna, meatloaf, or more. Our pans are made to commercial grade specifications. Made of aluminized steel preferred by professionals, this mini loaf pan is heavy duty with excellent heat distribution. The strength is enhanced by reinforced steel wire rims and corrugated construction, which also resists warping and aids in even air circulation. One of the finest features of our mini loaf is the ability to release loaves without sticking, so our proprietary, Americoat nonstick coating is a highlight. It is FDA-approved, and food safe. The silicone coating releases the food, which in turn makes cleanup a snap. A quick handwash in hot, soapy water and you are ready for another batch.

Item Number: 1225MF-1Baking Surface Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.875 x 1.25 inches per loafOuter Dimensions: 15.75 x 11.125 x 1.25 inchesMaterial: Aluminized Steel

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