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Anthem Tomato Slicer

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Our Anthem Tomato Slicer allows cooks of all skill levels to make clean, straight cuts without squashing those juicy tomatoes. Also fantastic for slicing citrus, cucumbers, and more. Anthem Wave knives combine our famous super-sharp Rada blades with reimagined handles featuring modern style, an ergonomic grip, and a balanced weight that feels great in your hand.

  • Thanks to its dual-edged serrated blade, this knife will keep on slicing, while remaining incredibly sharp.
  • Smooth cutting with no squashing, so your even slices will make you look like a pro.
  • We use surgical-grade T420 high-carbon stainless steel for a blade that retains its edge.
  • Our Anthem handle with its classy raised wave pattern is made from black resin, has an ergonomic grip, and a built-in finger guard.
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