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724-1409V2 Pluviómetro digital con temperatura interior

724-1409V2 Digital Rain Gauge with Indoor Temperature

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Track your backyard rainfall with La Crosse Technology’s 724-1409V2 Digital Rain Gauge. The self emptying rain gauge transmits rain data wirelessly to the indoor display.

The display features 4 digit high rain numbers range 0~9999mm (0~393.6 inches), a cylinder graph with 10 sections that change with rain readings, plus time, day and date. When raining a rain event alert (visual only) shows raindrops flashing above the cylinder graph. Rain records include now, 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, month, year and total.

Indoor temperature is viewable in place of the day and date value and customizable between Fahrenheit and Celsius. A rain alert for 24 hours can be set, plus low battery indicators for both the rain gauge and display.

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